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AAA design is a leading design company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company has been committed to professional depth, product thinking and artistic innovation of the integration of design and development;

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Project case

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Natural Museum

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Opera House Project

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Cultural Palace project

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ufort Center Project

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Airport New City Emergency Center Project

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Museum Project

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Yuehuo resort project

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Fenghuang Huafu garden project


Wilson Xu


He has more than 15 years working experience in the field of architectural design, and has participated in or presided over the design of various large-scale public or civil projects. Currently engage



Senior Project Director, senior architect, senior interior designer, senior building energy saving engineer. He has been engaged in the design and research of hotel, school, commercial complex, medica

Sandra Pamplona Gascón


Sandra is the intelligent practice manager and team leader for large teams and joined AAA design in 2018. Her expertise is mainly in cultural, public and residential projects.

Michael Smith


Michael is a famous designer and creative thinker. He joined AAA design company in 2018 and became a partner in 2019